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When you say the term Indian stones there are many sorts of natural stones which may be considered with the prominent ones being Granite, Marbles and sandstones. India is a major exporter of natural stone, which is the second-largest exchange earner for India besides ore in minerals category. The EOU scheme, which was introduced in 1980, helped the industry to modernize because it opened a window to inaugurate the latest technologies for stone processing. India has immense potential for the growth of exports within this sector. Finnish stone companies export 90% of the stone production and have a robust experience of the worldwide business environment. The demand for Indian stones can have a variety of reasons. Aside from the aesthetic beauty associated with them, there are some specific qualities that make them more useful. For instance, sandstone and granite are used widely for their comprehensive strength. Another quality of granite is durability which provides its preference in architectural ornamental works. Same way marble is an efficient corrosion and germs repellent.

Lack of policy support slows stones export

Granite- Known for its seemingly endless sorts of types and stunning exotic material, Granite is a naturally occurring rock. Granite features a medium to coarse-grained structure due to their mineralogy and chemical composition. The colour of the Indian Granite may vary from being pink to being grey. Chemically speaking granite is a rock with a minimum of 20% quartz in it. Granite forms the major continental crust of the earth. Granite is a kind of igneous rock and is made from magma emitted during an eruption. India is among the leading sources of natural stone. Many producers export their products around the world, including to the U.S, VIETNAM, UK, EUROPEAN UNION, CANADA and various AFRICAN and LATIN AMERICAN nations.

Marbles– Marble is practically a metamorphosed limestone and thus occurs only at places where there was a sea bed once. The term “marble” springs from the Greek word “marmaros” which suggests a “snow white and spotless stone”. The metamorphism of a particularly pure dolomite protolithic results in the creation of white marble. the reason coloured marbles have various swirls and characteristic patterns in it is due to the mineral impurities of sand, silt, clay, iron oxide etc. Marble as the Indians call it, has existed for years, hidden within the quarries in regions of Makrana and Manufacturer, marketing Export from Kishangarh. Kishangarh may be a point of reference for industrial history thanks to the abundance of marble granite and stone industrial material. Among the favoured quarries, have an exclusive history since 1631. Makrana quarry is understood to supply marble for the development of the long-lasting Tajmahal of India.

Sandstones- Sandstonebecause the name spells, it is a rock formed of sand or quartz grains tightly pressed together and cemented by sort of materials like silica, iron, lime etc. The grain size, strength, quite cementing material and compactness determine its density, permeability and therefore the use. The colour of sandstone depends on cementing materials viz. ferruginous sandstone are red to brown, argillaceous are earthy to buff and usually white. Thanks to oxidation the ferruginous sandstone have a tendency to vary the colour from radish to brown buff, yellow and greenish. For centuries sandstone is used not only in India but everywhere around the worldfor various purposes. The wide-scale architectural application of sandstone are often seen in several monuments, temples and buildings in India: Red Fort of Delhi and Agra; palaces and buildings of Fatehpur Sikri, Deeg, Kota, Bikaner, Jodhpur and Jaiselmer; Buddhist Rameshwaram temple in the south; Parliament House, Presidential House, Supreme Court building and Swaminarayan Temple in Delhi, Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Bhawan Palace at Jodhpur and Rajasthan Assembly House in Jaipur.

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