Indian sandstone paving

Indian sandstone paving is a popular concept among developing and developed countries because of its sheer elegance and beauty if you consider imbibing the beautiful paving design, there is no place which is better to import sandstones than India.

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As the name suggests, these pretty pavers are imported from India – a country renowned for their beautiful, naturally veined stone. As such, Indian stone paving holds a certain prestige within the landscaping world – but without the hefty price tag of similar high-end pavers, like Yorkstone. It is easy to install and also to replace if needs be. It is visually striking and can be used both indoors and out. Whether you require that small Indian stone feature in a secluded spot in your garden or wish to undertake a much larger project, you will find a huge array of stone paving here at L N exports. One of the most fascinating hallmarks of Indian sandstone pavers has to be their wide-ranging colour profiles and tonal variations. Once again, this is attributed to their unique origins in India where they are benefited from the diverse geography in India, sandstones are extracted from different regions in India having different geographical conditions which make each colour unique by its own. Along with being versatile, Indian sandstone slabs are low maintenance. They can be wiped down easily and any dirt that gathers will be washed away by rain. Anything that remains can be cleaned with a hose.


Yellow Square Garden Sandstone Paving Slabs, Size: 1x1 1x2 2x2 2x3 Feet, Thickness: 20-30mm

Also depending on your requirement you can choose between two types of pavings I.E hand-cut or sawn.  Hand-cut Indian stone pavers, with natural riven profiles and chiselled edges, offer a laidback “country cottage” feel to outdoor spaces. Sawn Indian stones, on the other hand, are sawn straight which means they have a neater, more polished finish. These types of Indian stone flags, with their clean lines and square edges, are most at home in contemporary spaces. Indian sandstone is a particularly porous material, for instance, so it can look a little worse for wear after several years if it doesn’t get suitable weather. A sealant (especially a colour enhancer sealer) will help to combat the effects of sun, rain and wind, so all you need to do is give your patio a quick brush every so often to keep it looking its best. Utilizing natural stones on your landscape will add more value to your home. It’s an investment that will pay for itself in the long run. They are also regarded as materials with high value and quality. Traits like prominence, elegance, and sophistication are connected to them as well. Also, landscape projects created with natural stones are considered to be distinct, well-built, unique, and genuine, which helps add to the resale value of any property.

So which colour to choose? this is one question which you have to figure out on your own depending upon your requirement and taste. We can assure you that we at L N exports have every possible variant of sandstones to cope up with your needs. (You can explore our website for detailed info)

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