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Granite is a material which is utilized all over the world for various purposes of construction, over the years it has proved that the role of granite cannot be altered by any other natural stone. If you’re reading this blog you are probably interested in Granite import to your country. Granite is mainly imported from the following countries  India, Brazil, china, turkey and Italy.

If you are already in this business you would know the importance of Indian granite, Known for their variety of colors and beauty, Indian granite is the most preferred type when it comes to kitchen interiors around the world. The popularity of Indian granite shows by the fact that some world-class structures like Vietnam War Memorial and Bruce Lee Memorial in Washington DC, Atomic Bomb Victims Memorial at Hiroshima in Japan are a few monuments made of Indian granite. Indian granite has the maximum market share when it comes to overall granite exports around the world and the reason for that is the spell bounding options in colors and affordable prices.


There is a reason that Indian granite has so many shades of color, the places where there are reserves of granite vary from north of India to south of India which results in so many forms of granite. Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh are some places which have great reserves of granite. The prices of these markets depend on the color and variety of the granite you choose. You can discuss with us any kind of price query you have by contacting our firm.

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There are two verities of granite you can import from India I.E – tiles and slabs. First, you have to choose from a color you’re interested in. (to explore the various color of granite kindly refer to other sections of our website we have provided specified information about the same)  The second step is to decide the thickness of your specified quality, thickness can vary a lot according to the purpose of your product. Once you decide the color, the other thing which goes hand in hand is quantity. Your shipment will be delivered to you in a container, you need to discuss with us your color thickness and quantity so we can give you the best insight on what is the minimum order requirement for your specified variety.

Once you have decided with everything mentioned above you have to place an order with us and all the further export procedures will be handled by us, You will receive your shipment on the designated port. The time required for a shipment to reach widely varies in your country/region. We will inform you beforehand about the same.

With over 20 years of business experience, we at L N  Exports are committed towards building and sustaining new relationships, which we refer to as L N family. We welcome all the entrepreneurial minds to join our ever-increasing family.

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